Warm-up (0-10)

With a partner

Row 1000 meters

-Switch every 250

-10 push-ups after every row

MWOD (10-18)

Overhead Tissue Smash

Hop Pin and Smash


WOD (20-55)

12 rounds with a partner of

500 meter row

one partner rows

other performs amrap (for distance):

Walking Lunges


-Lunges may be performed: forward, backward, or laterally

-Score=total distance covered



Desired Stimulus

Continue to perform a higher powered monostructural movement, while slowing whittling away the sanity of your legs.


Core (post)

Five rounds of 45 seconds weighted plank (rest as needed)


Warm-up (0-8)

8 Minute Amrap

200 meter row

10 foot banded Walk (both ways)

10 Spider Lunges w/reach

15 Russian Swings

MWOD (8-18)

Glute smash

It Smash

T-spine Smash

Power/Strength/Skill (18-30)


Good Mornings

rest one mintue or so between sets

WOD (35-finish)

spend 10 minutes loading and practicing


12 Minute Partner Amrap

10 Partner Deadlifts  (125/85)

Partner A: 10 Bar HoppingBurpees

Partner B: 10 Toes-to-bar


-weight for deadlifts is per side of bar

-alternate who does burpees and toes-to-bar every round





adjust weight as needed

Knees to chest can replace toes-to-bar


Desired Stimulus

Each movement should take less than 30 seconds to complete. There will be higher than average rounds and one partner will get a brief rest per round. You will also work timing with a partner while fatigued.


Post Mobility/Cool down (post)

High Box Pigeon Stretch

Overhead Tissue smash




Three rounds of:

10 empty barbell thrusters

5 Dive bombers

10 Ring Rows


Couch Stretch

Sink Stretch


Back Squat

5×8 @60-70 percent of 1rm

rest a minute or so between sets


“Partner Fran”

In teams of two, complete for time:
Thrusters (95/65)

-one partner works at all times

-both partners hold a barbell, and during thrusters, no barbells may touch the floor (or placed on the rig, or boxes, or plates,  do not try to think of a workaround :p)



Adjust weight as needed

Jumping pull-ups may be used to replace kipping


Desired Stimulus

To make you hate us.


Post Mobility/Cool down

Roll out your T-spine, lats, and legs


Warm-up (0-10)

Four Rounds of:

30 skips

10 squats

5 push-ups

Heel walk (down and back)

Toe Walk (down and back)

MWOD (10-15)

Calf smash

WOD (15-50)

With a partner:

100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40,30,20,10



200 meter run after every set

-partners must switch every 10 reps

-both partners run



-singles may replace doubles

-we will adjust volume as necessary

-rowing may replace running only if you have a medical condition (I need a note)


Desired Stimulus

work cardio and core while training your ability to recover with short intervals of rest


Post Mobility/Cool down (50-finish)

Calf Smash

Med Ball T-spine extension


Warm-up (0-8)

Three rounds of Cindy with 5 burpees after every round


MWOD (8-16)

Couch Stretch

Abductor Smash


Technique Practice and loading (16-26)

Squat cleans


WOD (26-you finish)


With a partner, for time:

10 Squat Cleans (135/95)

200 Meter Plate Run (45/25)

30 Squat Cleans

40 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Squat Cleans (135/95)

40 box Jumps (24/20)

30 Squat Cleans (135/95)

200 Meter Plate Run (45/25)

10 Squat Cleans (135/95)

-partners MUST alternate every rep of every movement

-however both partners will run at the same time, and both partners will carry a plate


Desired Stimulus

Push your legs to exhaustion and force you to keep moving

Post Mobility/Cool down

400 meter jog

followed by

Calf and ankle mobility


Warm-up (0-10)

The Crossfit Warm-up

MWOD (10-20)

Freestyle 10 Minutes

Skill (20-30)

Double-under practice

WOD (30-50)


Five rounds of:

  • 50 Double unders
  • 35 Knees to elbows
  • 185/125 pound Overhead walk, 20 yards (90 feet)


Pittsburgh Police Officer Paul John Rizzo Domenic Sciullo II, 36, was shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance call on April 4, 2009.He was engaged to be married with Lisa Esposito.


100 singles or 50 double taps will replace double-unders

Lying leg raises will replace hanging

adjust weight of the carry as needed to challenge, but not crush

Desired Stimulus

To give tribute to a fallen officer, as well as test overhead stability with moderate/heavy load, while fatigued. This will also test your shoulder and grip endurance


-If you are competing Friday, you should not do this workout. Row, jog, skip rope, swim, and mobilize. If you must do this workout, you ARE NOT allowed to do the knees to chest. Refer to the scaling.



1000 Meter Row

Then…Posterior Chain smash (the whole damn thing)


Warm-up (0-5)

“Pass the pipe,” Snoop Dogg addition


MWOD (5-12)

Calf Smash

Couch Stretch

Power/Strength/Skill (12-38)

Load for 15 minutes then

Sumo Deadlift

1 every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes

WOD (40-55)

Every Minute, on the Minute:

Minute 1: 20 Goblet Squats (24/16)

Minute 2: Max calorie row

Minute 3: Rest




adjust weight as needed


Desired Stimulus

test leg drive and endurance after performing  a high rep leg specific movement


Post Mobility/Cool down (55-post)

Banded hammy stretch

Glute smash